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“Me Time” Pamper kit

“Me Time” Pamper kit

Our amazing pamper kit is the perfect combo set to start of your “me time” and unwind after a long day or week.

Contains a large scrub, bath bomb of choice and our famous, Rooibos skin mist!

This is a must for any busy individual who needs to relax and feel at peace!

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    Gentle Skin Cleanser

    A all natural facial foaming cleanser that will help you get rid of unwanted impurities and makeup residue on the skin.

    This has a beautiful grapefruit scent and it will leave your skin clean and fresh.

    skin cleanse.jpg

    Our best seller

    serum new.jpg

    Our Rejuve Serum has some of the best natural ingredients including Hyaluronic acid, that will give you visible results after one use.

    Wake up to beautiful hydrated and glowing skin.

    Portrait of a Beautiful Smiling Woman
    "My skin has never felt this good!
    I am happy I could find a product suitable for my sensitive skin with."

    Alexa Young, Burlington, ON

    mist web.jpg

    Nourish, Hydrate & Refresh

    Infused with calming essential oils and top earthy rooibos notes

    indulge in our velvety,

    tropical aromas.

    Glow like a goddess


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