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Revive Relaxing & Sleep Mist

Revive Relaxing & Sleep Mist

The amszing Revive mist was established in 2019 with the goal to boost your senses and comfort your mood wherever you go.


With pure essential oils and only organic ingredients, this mist will not only help "revive" your mood but it's a great addition to your bedroom for when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and battle with insomnia.


Also amazing for the office, sitting infront of the computer when you have a minor headache or sore muscles.


This was formulated with people in mind constantly on the go, feeling stressed and wanting a more natural remedie to help combat those effects and use medications.





-Spray onto affected area for headache or muscle relief when required.

-Spray it onto your sheets, pillow or few spritzes in the air before you head to bed, and we promise you, you will wake up to a new beat!




-Witch hazel

-Pure essential oils


This is in no regards medication, please discontinue use or consult your doctor if unsure before use.

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